A New Beginning…

It was a weekend November 2016 when three childhood friends amid casual conversation among themselves, suddenly decided to give their lives an entrepreneurial twist, there were no business models, theories, sponsors, or any family legacy to back their new interest. Soon the conversation turned into a war room bombarded with wild ideas with none seeming to be a one they all could agree upon. Day was finally called off however not by a business idea on the table but a philosophy all three eventually vouched in one voice i.e. whatever they would do should benefit the Society as well.

Meetings begun to happen more frequently than ever before, days turned into weeks and weeks to months and finally one fine day they knew what they wanted to do. It was garnering the beauty of mother nature and returning it to Society in form of a finished luxury product with no compromise in quality. Let’s Go Organic was the fever which plagued over three of them and born was their brand “Organic Affaire“–  Premium Organic Personal Care.

June 2017, they inked their vision, philosophy & brand Organic Affaire under entity AVIVI Trio.