The Brand…

Ensuing the desire to go Organic, blessed house AVIVI with its very first brand “Organic Affaire – Our New Beginning.

We have always cherished nature’s raw & untouched way to feed our bodies and soul, Organic Affaire aims to bring that unique natural experience to your home by packing the luxuries garnered from mother nature into finest organic personal care ever.

Tagline – “Luxury by Nature”

Why Organic?

It’s because our business also aims to deliver you and your loved ones with good health, Synthetic products are full of chemicals, toxic additives that are easily absorbed into bloodstream via skin showing interim beautifying effects but prolonged usage often leads to various skin irritations, early ageing, irreparable skin & health issues whereas organic rather enhances your skin’s regenerative and healing properties, detoxifies, repairs & nourishes skin’s ecosystem

It wasn’t build overnight

Organic Affaire is not just a brand it’s a thought process which flourished over a period. To ensure the brand lives to our vision & commitment to create a high quality organic product we undertook months of intensive research on organic ingredients, benefits, farming practices, quality certifications, government norms etc.

Created by Experts

We firmly believe to create best one needs best. Our journey to find the best introduced us to top-notch SMEs in the world of Organic, Ayurveda & modern Science, so taking the opportunity we ensured finest among the lot team-up bringing immense experience and expertise along to create finest quality products for our customers.